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We have hundred’s of Iraqi Orphans desperately needing shelter

The war on terror has had negative effects on Iraq and its people.  Terrorists and suicide bombers have caused several deaths of innocent civilians on an almost daily basis.  No one is spared in these deadly events, no man, woman or child.  For children who lose one or both parents, becoming an orphan is a bleak prospect. No father to feed them, no mother to wipe their tears.  No roof over their head.

There are currently over 3 million orphans in Iraq, and the number is growing exponentially every week.

This makes these orphans vulnerable to the multitude of kidnappers who will take full advantage and abuse these Iraqi Orphans by either selling them abroad or benefiting from them locally as beggars, servants, prostitutes or just sold to wealthy foreigners.


  • - Adequate Nutrition

    - Shelter

    - Clothing

    - Clean water and access to sanitation

    - Medical care

    - Education

    - Loving care and guidance in a family oriented home or institution

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