There was a knock on the door. When the lady opened the door, there was a widow and her 5 year old daughter asking for help. She gave the widow what she had in money and food and they left. A few minutes later there was another knock. Now it was the little child asking: "Do you have a doll for me"

This was one of the hardest and most upsetting things to hear. The lady contacted our charity to ask if we collect and donate toys for children.

In our constant effort to help relieve poverty by providing basic needs, we must not forget that playtime is also a basic need for children.

Donating toys is a perfect way to instil the spirit of giving in our children. They may not earn any money, but donating their own toys has a more personal meaning to them.

A sadaqa can be bringing happiness to an orphaned child.

In response to this, we collected many toys donated by many lovely young donors. The toys were shipped in the first week of June. Keep an eye on this story as we will update you with pictures once the toys arrive and are distributed to the children.